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Reflecting on How Far We’ve Come

Thinking back three and a half years, it is astonishing to recognize all that we’ve been able to accomplish. When Susan took office, the City faced an $80 million budget deficit, and City Hall was plagued with waste and inefficiency. Blighted properties and broken streets were staples of every neighborhood. Since Councilmember Guidry has taken office, we can literally look around to see what we’ve been able to accomplish with her help:

  • FEMA trailors are a thing of the past
  • Blighted lots feature new homes
  • Temporary structures replaced with new libraries
  • Decaying schools converted to state-of-the-art centers for learning
  • Struggling neighborhoods now boast dozens of new businesses
  • Pothole ridden streets under construction virtually everywhere
  • Much, much more…

Let’s keep it up, New Orleans. Together, with Councilmember Guidry, we can finish the job!