Taxicab Reform


As a member of City Council’s Transportation Committee for the past three years, Guidry has worked hard to put taxicab reforms together, and New Orleanians have seen incredible results. “Working with the industry to establish a safer, more responsive, and more modern taxi cab system is a key step toward making a great first impression for hundreds of thousands of visitors to our City.” Guidry also supported and endorsed the ordinance that legalized for-hire pedicabs in New Orleans.

Taxicab reforms include:

  • higher vehicle standards
  • making cabs accessible for those with disabilities
  • improved driver and CPNC holder standards
  • stronger industry and permitting regulations
  • stricter rules governing the Taxicab and For-Hire Vehicle Bureau


The City Council’s Transportation Committee reviews ordinances governing ground transportation and parking issues, including the laws governing “for hire” vehicles; reviews regulations regarding parking, speed limits and use of all public streets; reviews appeals on the denial or revocation of the Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience (CPNC), and the denial or revocation of a driver’s permit to operate a CPNC vehicle; and makes recommendations on these issues to the Council.