Energy Smart & NOLA Wise

As a member of the City Council’s Utility Committee, Councilmember Guidry continues to make city’s energy use more efficient and sustainable through efforts such as Energy Smart and NOLA Wise, two programs she helped coordinate, develop, and fund. She has also worked hard to ensure that Entergy’s upcoming Integrated Resources Plan prioritizes energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Guidry’s involvement in the NOLA Wise program over the past few years is one of her proudest achievements on the council.

In July 2013, the NOLA Wise team was granted Energy Pro3 Awards by the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance. From December 2011 to June of 2013, NOLA Wise accomplished: 129 retrofits, 230 energy audits, 16 loans, over 200 outreach events, and 500 houses canvased. This resulted in an average of 24% energy savings per home, translating into $650 dollars per household saved and a cumulative savings of 526,000-kilowatt hours.

In December of 2013, Guidry was honored for her advocacy for energy efficiency. She was recognized by Global Green USA for her work and dedication to an exceptional energy efficiency program in New Orleans. “To be sustainable, the rebuilding process in New Orleans must include alternative and green solutions that result in low-cost energy for our citizens and that preserve our beautiful city for future generations,” said Guidry.

Susan was honored by Global Green U.S.A. this year for her advocacy of energy efficiency!


  • The City Council’s Utilities Committee oversees the Council’s regulatory authority over Entergy New Orleans, Inc. and Entergy Louisiana, Inc.; and makes recommendations to the full Council concerning electric and gas utility rates and services.