Lafitte Greenway


Councilmember Guidry is passionate about the Lafitte Greenway, and she’s made it District “A”’s top priority capital project. The 54-acre space was once an industrial rail corridor that has since become a barren stretch of land. Susan is bringing her vision to reality to make the greenway a stretch of walkable green space that meanders through our district.

Shepherding the process, Guidry sponsored the reauthorization of the Lafitte Greenway Steering Advisory Committee, which is charged with advising the Council on the Greenway’s development. And she directed the City Planning Commission to conduct a public hearing on proposed zoning changes to properties within proposed Lafitte Corridor footprint.

With the collaboration of a design team, landscape architect, stakeholders, community members, and city agencies, a comprehensive plan was developed to create a vibrant Greenway. The 3.1-mile corridor of green space and biking paths will run through nine different neighborhoods as well as alongside the Mid-City Market.